Tips for marketing retirement villages

  • Print – Direct Mail – Door Drops

I am about to go through exactly how to market your village with tips, tricks & ideas taken from successful Leaflet/ Door Drop campaigns we have ran for clients.

We have worked closely with care companies, retirement villages & senior living companies for years now and have carried out many successful campaigns – we highly recommend leaflet distribution as a way of reaching the right people and selling properties.


  • Material options: Leaflet, brochure, mailer
  • Size options: A5, A6, A4 
  • Thickness: We suggest 250gsm+ 
  • No of pages: 2-4 pages


The content on this material and images used are an important factor of getting the attention and trust of the recipient reading this. You are a retirement builder or village so 50+ year olds should be the primary audience (daughters and sons of retirees & retirees themselves) cartoony, bubble writing font will definitely turn them off, use formal text and friendly, warming colours. Your text should be easy to read and not really small, you should make clear the dates, times and address of the any open days or offers with any other information they need to know. Please remember contact details included on the leaflet ideally a sales & marketing representatives name or direct number for the personal, friendly and approachable touch. Remember the invitation is to be inviting & selling so create a happy medium.

Trick(s) Have text such as ‘Your invited to’, ‘Open Day’ or ‘Sales Suite Now Open’ in different colours to the rest of the leaflet make it bold and stand out so they know why they are receiving it. Tracking numbers, create a tracking number to use on the leaflet to monitor responses.

Images: The need to showcase the properties interior & exterior as well as any facilities/ grounds which are selling points. If the property is not yet built then architectural visualisation images are fine.


Large scale distribution this is known as a blanket coverage distribution sending your leaflets out to general regions and postcodes around your retirement village location.

Demographic targeted distribution typically 90% of our retirement village customers will want to use demographic targeting for their distribution. This is how it works: We find out the demographic you want to reach there are many different options through our softwares to target but the main ones are – Age, income, house price and then location. We then run a report on this and we get back a heat map highlighting all the areas with the highest percentage of this demographic and a report breaking down the percentage of this demographic in each postcode, typically we will pick all postcodes showing over 60% of the target demographic and add up exactly how many houses are within these postcodes. Report back to the client and they will then have that amount printed and sent out.